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"We have had over a decade of interpretations of Ariel and Leianna Weaver, who plays the principal role, delivers a refreshingly timeless performance. Weaver’s divine voice soars high at La Mirada Theatre, showing a strong stage presence, and making Ariel so emotive and powerful. She is truly a Disney Princess."

"The Most Perfect Casting... The amazing Sierra Boggess (OG Ariel) is hard to beat but Asian-American actress Leianna Weaver is absolutely captivating and enchanting as Ariel drawing audiences in with her stunning vocals, gorgeous looks, believable chemistry with leading actor Coleman Cummings (Prince Eric), and effortless movement."

"At the center of the show remains the title character, Ariel (here played with appealing charm and admirable stamina by Leianna Weaver)... For kids and adults alike, seeing a hopeful, lovestruck, angel-voiced mermaid fly through the water right in front of your eyes is as breathtaking to see on the screen and even more so in the flesh."

Michael Quintos,

"Leianna Weaver makes a winning Ariel and possesses a pristine beauty combined with youthful impetuosity with just the right amount of spunk to make her part believable. Her shimmering soprano effortlessly slides into a caramel-creamy belt as the drama demands, portraying an innate tenderness combined with a ferocious determination to pursue a life above the foam. Ms. Weaver brings more than enough warmth and sincerity to anchor this production (and when it came time for her to sing the showstopper “Part of Your World,” we were hanging on to every word)."

Chris Daniels,

"Leianna Weaver makes a splash on stage as the spirited ‘Ariel’, her portrayal a seamless blend of grace and charm that effortlessly embodies the essence of innocence and longing. Alongside her, Coleman Cummings commands attention as the dashing ‘Prince Eric’, infusing the production with a magnetic presence that reignites even the most jaded hearts’ belief in love. Their on-stage chemistry is palpable, drawing the audience into a realm where dreams are realized and true love knows no bounds."

R.C. Samo,


Musical theatre west


"Leading the trek through the Land of Oz is Leianna Weaver who assuredly wears the ruby red slippers as Dorothy Gale, a young woman who is simultaneously vulnerable and plucky. Whether she’s playing distressed, sad, or determined, Weaver gets the audience invested in Dorothy’s adventure and makes us smile upon the specter of Judy Garland that is invoked. Weaver, in addition, has a terrific weight to her voice that gives her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” — incidentally sung in a higher key than Garland — more color."

Imaan Jalali,

"The true test though for anyone playing Dorothy is the ability to sing the iconic “Over the Rainbow.” Leianna Weaver belts it out of the park — and Kansas; she truly embraces the viewers."

Nia Liat,

"But you know you’re in good hands early on: “Over the Rainbow” is the first tune up as Leianna Weaver obviously has mighty shoes to fill as Dorothy. But listening to her rendition, it is impossible to hear the song without thinking of Judy Garland. If you shut your eyes, you can barely tell the difference. Ms. Weaver makes it her own, and then some, with a melodic yearning that is somehow equal parts intimacy and grandeur."

Chris Daniels,

"Leianna Weaver as Dorothy was supposed to be the hardest one for me to shake the memory of Judy Garland. It wasn't difficult at all. She made the role her own. Her acting was sweet, very strong & capable. When she opened her mouth to sing I was struck by her beautiful vocal quality, impressive breath control, and her vintage Broadway theatre chops."

Gilmore Rizzo




“A tremendous supporting cast, many of whom play a number of different parts in the play, all assist in making this performance one of the best on stage this year.”

Tom Robertson,

“The show is supported by an excellent and quick-changing cast, including [...] Leianna Weaver.”

ErinMarie Reiter,

“This inventive and heartbreaking production is the best-staged show I’ve seen this year.”

Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union Tribune




The young female team sound fantastic together, particularly in the opening of “Mama Who Bore Me” and “My Junk.”

Jonas Schwartz,

[Yet] the ensemble brings the music to life with vigor and gusto all the same, concluding with a stirring performance of “Song of Purple Summer.”

Socks Whitmore,

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